10 easy steps to create a killer business card

  1. Keep it simple stupid.

  2. Design with your potential client in mind.

  3. This is your businesses impression after you are no longer with the person so make it count.

  4. Stop using www before your domain name. It's no longer 1996 so www is a given.

  5. Use color but not too much.

  6. Tiny text isn't helpful so don't scrunch a lot of text on your card.

  7. Ask yourself "if someone picked this up off the street would they know what I do, and how to contact me?” The answer should be yes.

  8. Keep your brand evident. Logos are important so give them the room they deserve.

  9. Simplify your logo. If your logo is overly excessive then go ahead and simplify it.

  10. Don't skimp on the printing. This is a big deal. High quality paper and ink make a huge difference.

So there you have it. 10 east steps to follow when designing business cards.

Are you a business card designer? We’d love to know what you would add to our list.

How much does a website cost & 10 reasons you must have one

Well, the first reason is that it's 2017! I mean, really do you even need us to answer this question? For those of you who are still not sold on getting/having a website here is our list of 10 reasons why you absolutely must have one. 

1. It is 2017 and it is expected of any professional business. 
2. A website is live 27/7/365. That means that when your business is closed for the day, weekend, or holiday your website remains open and visible to people looking for the service you provide. 
3. Your biggest competitor has one. Therefore by you not having one puts them at a higher opportunity to gain your potential clients or customers. 
4. Consumers appreciate the animosity that websites give them. Many potential clients/customers want to check your business out without feeling like they are committing. Websites give them this animosity. 
5. There are over 200 million people online who live in the US. Worldwide we are talking about a billion people. By having a site, anyone can find your business vs. the people who only drive by your storefront or the word of mouth. 
6. You can use your website to advertise or provide general information to people looking for something specific. 
7. Having a website gives you the ability to gather feedback from a broader base of people. 
8. Gives you the ability to sell directly instead of through another vendor or company. 
9. Gives you the cost-effective way to get your message across. Stop wasting your time with sending your message to the wrong people. Use the web for your business and generate better leads and better conversions. 
10. Lastly, having a website gives your company creditability. 

Now that you understand why you must have a website let us tell you how much a website is going to cost. 

There are tons of options available for a website but we are going to break it down to convenience and cost. You should be aware that if you sell products, you will need an e-commerce site which generally comes with a higher price tag. 

Simple DIY + Blog
You can get an inexpensive website anywhere between $0-$200 if you are willing to do everything yourself. PROS: Cheap | CONS: You will need to be tech savvy and comfortable setting up domains and hosting. 

Custom + Blog
The easiest option is to pay to have someone do everything for you however, it is not the cheapest. Custom website costs anywhere between $5,000-$12,000 depending how many pages you want and customizations. PROS: it gets done right. CONS: Price

Custom + Blog + E-Commerce
As we stated above, adding in commerce to a website can get costly. However, you can still do either of the options above. Generally, an e-commerce site will cost you $15,000 plus. 

Not sure which site you need? Contact us for a free consultation where we will help you outline what you need and then you can go where you want to get it created.