10 easy steps to create a killer business card

  1. Keep it simple stupid.

  2. Design with your potential client in mind.

  3. This is your businesses impression after you are no longer with the person so make it count.

  4. Stop using www before your domain name. It's no longer 1996 so www is a given.

  5. Use color but not too much.

  6. Tiny text isn't helpful so don't scrunch a lot of text on your card.

  7. Ask yourself "if someone picked this up off the street would they know what I do, and how to contact me?” The answer should be yes.

  8. Keep your brand evident. Logos are important so give them the room they deserve.

  9. Simplify your logo. If your logo is overly excessive then go ahead and simplify it.

  10. Don't skimp on the printing. This is a big deal. High quality paper and ink make a huge difference.

So there you have it. 10 east steps to follow when designing business cards.

Are you a business card designer? We’d love to know what you would add to our list.